Tuesday, November 27, 2018


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November 2018

Practicing gratitude has been hard work this year! At times Dave has struggled to find joy in his work, while Beth has battled with some physical ailments, including shingles.  Being thankful in all circumstances has been a significant challenge these last few months.

Levi is grateful to be learning guitar from his mom
It is for this reason we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We have found that looking over our photos from the last year has been a meaningful practice.  While reviewing pictures from the last year, God can remind us of the many moments of grace along the way.  These blessings have come in the form of timely visits from family, new relationships with students, and surprising financial provision.

Luke is grateful for good friends to help him navigate middle school
We are all grateful to have our permanent resident visas
We want to share with you images from the last year that have stirred up hearts of thanksgiving in us. And we'd love to see a picture or two from your past year that remind you to practice gratitude. Thanks!

Aaron is grateful for visits with cousins
Lina is grateful for playtime with friends
Dave is grateful for the opportunity to pray and play
with his new students from the junior class
Beth is grateful for the encouragement
she receives from these wonderful ladies
                                   Prayer and Support Needs

Please pray that Beth would continue to be healed from her bout with shingles.  In addition, pray for Dave to have renewed joy in serving his students and the Alliance Academy International community.

We continue to seek new monthly supporters for our ministry with Reach Beyond here in Quito.  If you are interested in joining the team, feel free to contact us or visit our Reach Beyond project page here.

New Season & New Project & New Support - September 2018

As September begins so does the season of newness.  We want to thank everyone for the continued support and prayers as we adjust to the new rhythms of life and ministry opportunities.  We are all very excited to see what God has for us in the 2018-2019 academic year at the Alliance Academy International (AAI).
Luke and Levi making new friends
Levi has started his 8th grade year with a handful of new classmates and teachers.  He looks forward to being involved with sports, music, and drama. 

Luke has begun 7th grade and has joined Levi in the band. He loves the new freedoms of middle school and especially likes his science class. 

Enjoying the paddleboats at a park close to home
Aaron (5th grade) is enjoying having Jennifer Kendrick, our neighbor, friend, and the only other Reach Beyond missionary at AAI, as his homeroom teacher. 

Evangeline (3rd grade) is likewise thrilled to have our dear friend, Patrick Pinho, for her teacher.  It is such a blessing to have meaningful friendships with our kids’ teachers. We deeply value the input of other godly adults into our kids' lives.

Last year, Beth recorded lead vocals for a worship song written by a church friend. This fall, Beth joined the filming of the music video that our church, La Viña, produced to accompany the song. La Viña aims to continue sharing musical resources with other churches throughout Latin America, particularly in the Vineyard Movement of which it is a part.

Dave is really looking forward to teaching his favorite classes ("World Religions and Cults" and "Heaven and Hell: Visions of Sin and Grace") for a whole year, rather than just a semester.  He has been enjoying all the new students, mostly Juniors, in his classroom. 

We are so very grateful for the newest monthly supporters of our work with Reach Beyond.  We continue to look to add to the monthly support team to make up the current shortfall. If you are able and willing, please visit the following site to join the team today!