Saturday, July 29, 2017


In recent months, we’ve been reflecting on the tears of this past year and also composing some songs of joy we hope to sing with increasing volume! Specifically, our weeping over mandatory changes at AAI that have edged out some discipleship time during the school day is now turning into excitement as Dave plans new ministry ideas for outside school hours. Brainstorming with other teachers, he’s seen interest in building spiritual community through peer mentoring teams, an open-home hospitality rotation, outdoor adventure club, sports and other service ideas. Please pray with us for the organization of these opportunities, as well as the hands needed to make them all happen!

Prayers of goodbye blessings for our dear friends

We’ve also just experienced the perennial goodbyes of summer, this time including some of our oldest friends here. I (Beth) have been praying Bifrost Art's beautiful musical rendition of Psalm 126:

Although we are weeping/Lord, help us keep sowing
The seeds of Your Kingdom/For the day You will reap them
Your sheaves we will carry/Lord, please do not tarry
All those who sow weeping/will go out with songs of joy

The hopeful image of sowing seeds of the Kingdom even while weeping, has strengthened my heart, as I hope it does yours. Your partnership with us in Quito is part of the greater purposes of God to yield sheaves of blessing! We are so grateful for your prayers, which lift us up and keep us planting. 


We celebrated Levi's 6th grade graduation
along with Dave's extended family

The abuelos (grandparents) showed ten grandkids
the windy ruins of Ingapirca

Saavedra and Sons posed at the Cuenca Zoo

Luke cozied up
with a praying mantis in Baños

Aaron soared on the
"Swing at the End of the World"

Evangeline enjoyed the view
at the top of Pichincha volcano